Can I use my induction product on the power/booster function of my induction hob?

All induction hobs have a so-called booster function, which increases the power of the hob enormously over a short period of time, thus minimising cooking times. However, special care must be taken when using this function, especially to heat up the cookware quickly: To prevent damage to the seal on your aluminium cookware, the hob should be turned down again after using the booster function for one minute at the latest.

The booster function is ideal for quickly bringing pasta water to the boil, for example. When cooking with oils and fats, make sure that the respective smoke point of the oil or fat is not exceeded.

The full-surface wool induction base heats up particularly quickly and evenly - for energy-saving cooking with lower costs. It is therefore not absolutely necessary to heat our products on the power or booster function. This allows you to save energy right from the start of cooking.

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